Scores of groups and individuals have made this project possible—first and foremost, of course, the artists themselves—who not only created the murals, but have unselfishly donated their time and energy to this effort. The associates and interns who have worked with us over the years, without compensation, to document and research the murals, design and execute programs, and create exhibitions, are the backbone of our project—their amazing sets of skills and tireless efforts carried us forward from day one.

Also, after two decades as an independent entity, we are now a 501c3; our Board of Directors, now in place for more than a year, has been an incalculable source of inspiration and guidance as we moved forward. We are tremendously grateful to the public and private organizations that have provided funding, shared information and advice, and opened their records, over the years.


Perry Frank, PhD–Founding Director

Cory Stowers–Associate Director

Jennifer Johnston–Senior Associate

Brandon Stewart–Website

Mark Thomas–Photographer

John Muller–Consultant

Natasha McGlynn–Associate

Evelyn Codora–Associate


Jennifer A. Johnston–Interim Chair and Arts Project Manager
Arts Projects Specialist

Phil Hutinet–Treasurer
Publisher, East City Art

Bell Julian Clement, PhD–Secretary
Urban historian, professor

James Deutsch, PhD
Curator, Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage, Smithsonian Institution

James Greggs
Founding Director, Sign of the Times Cultural Workshop and Gallery

George Koch
President, Center for the Creative Economy

G. Byron Peck
Muralist, Founder of City Arts


District of Columbia Arts Center (DCAC)— B. Stanley, Director
Former nonprofit partner

George Neighbors
Board Chair Emeritus

HumanitiesDC- Joyh Forf Austain, Executive Director
Funder and major supporter (1990s-present)

DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities
Mural archives access; continuing consultation and support (1990s-present)

Latin American Youth Center
Mural archives access; information transfer; continuing consultation and support, 1990s-present

Martin Luther King, Jr., Memorial Library, Washingtoniana Collection
Exhibition space and program space; program direction (2014) – Mark Greek, Washingtoniana

Hola Cultura – Christine MacDonald
Latino Murals in DC (2014 and 2017)

Caitlin Carroll and Brad Forder
Documentary filmmakers; produced Painted City: A Documentary about DC’s Murals (2014)

Emerson Preparatory School
Meeting and archive storage space, 2013-2017 – Jon Shickler, Head of School

Project Scholars

  • Teresa Grana
    For helping to start and sustain our project
  • Tara Tappert, PhD
    For generously serving as project advisor for many years
  • Bernard Mergen, PhD, Howard Gillette. PhD, and M. Thomas Inge, PhD
    Provided the foundation that made the project possible