73 Cents


Created: 2009

Sponsor: Supported by neighborhood contributions

In June of 2009 Regina Holliday lost her husband of 16 years to metastatic kidney cancer after months of escalating pain and a horrific experience with the medical system. Inspired by his final message, “Go after them, Regina,” she embarked on an allegorical piece of art pushing for healthcare reform. The title, 73 cents, refers to the cost per page for a copy of medical records. The center of the picture is the artist’s family, with Fred on his death bed; Regina, kneeling beside him, displays three faces: a beautiful mask, turned toward her husband; a hag beneath; and the worn countenance of a caregiver. The light at top left echoes the horror of Picasso’s Guernica, and the hospital staff personify the futility of the system. Holliday now travels throughout the country lobbying for reform. The mural can be found on the back of BP Amoco.


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